PSY 331 / NEU 331: TBD

Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology: Case Studies in Cognitive Neuroscience

Much of what we know about the brain systems underlying perception, attention, memory, and language was first derived from patients with brain lesions or other brain pathology. This course provides an introduction to major syndromes in clinical neuropsychology such as object agnosia (deficits in object recognition), amnesia, visuospatial hemineglect (attention deficits), aphasia (language deficits), and others through careful analysis of clinical cases and their underlying pathology.


PSY 406 / NEU 406: TBD

Primate Posterior Parietal Cortex: Organization, Functions, and Pathology

An introduction to the main principles of organization of the posterior parietal cortex (PPC). We will compare monkey and human PPCs, covering topics including encoding of eye movements, number and visual motion representations, processing of object information, and attentional functions. We will emphasize the pathology resulting from damage to PPC by discussing syndromes like optic ataxia and hemispatial neglect. We will present a 'hands on' science experience by drawing on current lab research, focusing on the design and analyses of 'real' experiments on the PPC with opportunities to attend ongoing functional imaging studies.